Behold the Batshit!

Welcome to, your one-stop guide to everything bizarre. My many months of intensive market research have demonstrated an obvious need (and demand) for this service, so here it is. You’re welcome.

This site is born out of my love of human weirdness, which can be found in both popular myths and real-world events. I honestly wish I could be a Mulder and believe in aliens, psychic phenomena and conspiracies, but I’m too much of a rational Scully (sans the paradoxical Catholicism). Luckily for me the truth behind the supposedly ‘supernatural’ is often much more interesting (and less well-known), and there are plenty of actual mysteries left to ponder.

Every Thursday, Total Batshit will bring you a thrilling new post on some matter of urgent strangeness. Some may be a little darker than others, because that’s life. Hopefully you’ll learn something new, even if the knowledge is completely useless and not appropriate for polite conversation.

So come on, everyone! Come get batty (although hopefully not shitty) with me!


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