Hippie Aliens Bring Love and Voice Modification Software

I got a new job on Monday, so much of this week’s Batshit time has been dedicated to chasing up super details and plotting a glorious escape from my current employer. But don’t worry; I still have a little something for you. Check this out:

Believe it or not, this actually happened. At the time, the  Independent Broadcasting Authority declared it to be an elaborate hoax, but the identity of Gramaha has never been determined. Most contemporary theories blame pirates, who were probably unsatisfied with the limited pillaging prospects available in ’70s Britain.

Expect an actual update sometime on the weekend! If you’re really lucky, it might even be about something other than aliens.


  1. How great! I wish more people would start doing signal intrusions again – I wonder if it’s possible with digital TV?! 😀

  2. Although, I couldn’t hear the sound on the linked one, then found another thing that claimed to be the recording, but then Wikipedia seems to imply there may not be a recording. More and more myterious.

    1. The sound doesn’t start till 2:20, so you have to endure a lot of silence and sci-fi art before you get to the good stuff. Or did it not work for you at all?

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